Woodside Energy Ltd

Following up on our post from January this year, MIS is delighted to report that Woodside Energy Ltd’s new MIS Marine Assurance Vetting Platform went live on schedule in September 2017.

Following the onsite training provided at Woodside Energy Ltd’s Perth office in August, early transition into the new system has gone incredibly well.

Zubin Bhada, Woodside Energy Ltd‘s Marine Assurance Manager, told us: “We’re exceptionally happy with the launch of our first Tanker Assurance module, being part of Woodside’s OneMarine Assurance system. This is an exciting time for Woodside Energy Ltd, as the new Marine Assurance System / Platform will now play a major part in our future operations and efforts to further improve marine safety”.

Jim McArthur, MIS Technical Director, stated; “We are extremely pleased to have been able to work closely with Woodside Energy Ltd to demonstrate our expertise in implementation analysis and showcase the technical flexibility of our systems. This approach has allowed us to successfully deliver an MIS Vetting Platform configured to Woodside Energy Ltd’s specific Marine Assurance processes”.

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