Fleet Analysis

A powerful statistical analysis tool developed by MIS,
the world experts in marine assurance data

The intuitive user interface provides a clear summary of a vessel or barge fleet’s performance
based upon an intelligent aggregation of inspections, particulars, crew data and TMSA documents.


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Fleet Analysis helps OCIMF SIRE members to inform important marine assurance decisions through the analysis of data across a whole fleet tracking trends and performance.

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Fleet Analysis is a hosted system providing a zero footprint, immediately available environment connecting seamlessly to OCIMF’s SIRE web services interface.

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Fleet Analysis complements existing marine assurance systems by directly accessing data previously purchased through SIRE and integrated systems and providing an opportunity to perform a detailed analytical review of an operator’s fleet.

Quickly view key fleet operator statistics

Key statistics from across available data, including particulars, inspections, crew and casualties are displayed to the user.

The indicator quickly shows whether more SIRE inspections are available for the fleet operator and therefore whether the analysis could be broadened.

Simple display of patterns and trends in data for the fleet

Fleet Analysis charts show:

  • check Icon The distribution of observations by chapter
  • check Icon The distribution of observations over the last year
  • check Icon Details of recurrent observations
  • check Icon Operations at the time of the inspection
  • check Icon Key crew experience metrics
  • check Icon Distribution of inspection submitters

Key fleet observations linked to relevant TMSA KPIs

Fleet Analysis lists the most common observations for the fleet and for each
one recommends a corresponding TMSA KPI.

Selecting the TMSA KPI shows the element and KPI from the fleet operator’s latest TMSA submission.

Plot the current location of the operator’s fleet.

The Fleet Location Map shows the most recent AIS location of the vessels in the fleet providing a quick impression of global fleet distribution and a link through to a vessel’s detailed analysis.

Key fleet details and an analysis of available vessels, inspections and other data.

The Fleet Details screen provides full details about the data available for a fleet and provides quick and easy methods to pull further detail in for analysis.

Analysis of the current situation of officer and engineer crew on-board.

Crew Analysis provides analysis of the tenure and nationality of officer and engineer
crew over the fleet as a whole.

Key analysis charts and headline statistics for the vessels in the fleet.

Vessel Analysis shows distribution of classification society, flag and age across the fleet as well as key statistics on the vessels in the fleet and a link to the VPQ and Crew documents.


If you’d like to discuss Fleet Anaylsis or arrange an evaluation environment, please contact us by phone on 0121 277 4900 or e-mail info@marineinfosys.com