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The end of the year may be in sight, but that doesn’t mean anything is slowing down for MIS.

At the start of November, we welcomed two new starters to the MIS team; Joe Anderson joined us as a Data Scientist, and Matt Felton is our latest Developer.

The pair of new starters have joined MIS on a high, with multiple projects currently in action, and their key individual skills will bring support and assistance to the team.

We’ll let Joe and Matt tell you about their roles and their first few weeks at MIS in their own words:

Joe Anderson, Data Scientist

“I recently joined MIS as a Data Scientist. As a completely new role to the growing company, the opportunity has provided me with an array of projects to get involved with. The scope of the work seemed to be (and is) very varied, so I saw a good opportunity where I would never be bored and always have something new to investigate.

“I started work in this profession a year ago, after finishing my Masters degree. Many people often wonder what a Data Scientist does. In my last role, I was responsible for producing algorithms and software which would re-schedule the train network in times of contingency. So far at MIS, the role has seen me looking at the OCIMF SIRE Compliance system. This has given me a greater understanding of data aspects within MIS and also gave me the opportunity to offer new ideas and possibilities for the system”.

Matt Felton, Junior Developer

“I joined MIS as a Junior Developer with the aim of furthering my career as a C# developer and gaining deeper experience with .Net.

“Before MIS, I was a Controls Systems Engineer, where I developed logic applications for control systems, as well as some .Net development for IoT applications. So far in my new role, I’ve been given the chance to fix bugs, along with the opportunity to implement new features.

“Previously, I haven’t had much experience with front end development, however, in this role, I’m getting plenty of exposure to the area, along with concepts I haven’t previously encountered.

“It’s been great to really get involved so soon, as it has allowed me to gain an understanding of all aspects of the system; helping me really get to know how the application operates and how the other developers here work”.

Roger Harris, Product Director at MIS, praised the new arrivals, telling us; “I can understand that it must be slightly unsettling joining a new company that is so busy, midway through projects. However, Joe and Matt have made an excellent start to their time here and have shown they are not afraid to jump in at the deep end and get involved. Everyone at MIS wishes them the best of luck in their careers with us”.

About MIS

MIS is a specialist in marine vetting software. Following a prolonged period of growth and product development, the Birmingham based company is happy to have welcomed a number of new members to the team throughout 2017. For details of current vacancies, visit our Careers page.

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