MIS photograph a kangaroo on their Australia visit

It’s been a busy start to the year for MIS; as well as undergoing a fair amount of internal growth welcoming new members to the Birmingham based team, we’ve been on the road supporting one of our latest clients.

Managing Director, Dominic McKnight Hardy, and Richard Woolven, Business Analyst, clocked up some air miles at the end of February when they visited Woodside Energy LTD in Perth, Australia.

As the latest company to work with MIS in the provision of a MIS Marine Assurance Vetting System, Dominic and Richard visited the provider to discuss plans ahead of the new system’s preparation.

Dominic said; “we are lucky enough to have clients all over the world and, although it is now easier than ever to run a global company from the UK through the use of email, VOIP and the internet, we understand that keeping a personal touch in our business relations is just as vital, if not more so now, as it was before the mobile age”.

While out in the Outback, Dominic and Richard could not miss the opportunity for a little sightseeing. One of their newest Australian friends can be seen posing for a photo.