MIS Marine logo

April 2016 saw the unveiling of the new MIS brand and logo, together with a move to our new website: www.mismarine.com.

As well as a modernising refresh, our rebrand aimed to bring our corporate image into line with our company values and achievements; highlighting our position as a trusted marine assurance specialist. The refreshed brand is strong, reliable and provides a clear, consistent message that communicates our core brand values of quality, service and expertise.

Our new logo, which combines the shape of a modern abstract anchor, representing our industry specialism , with the letter ‘X’, representing the exchange of data that is central to our business, builds strong links between MIS and the marine assurance sector. Our new chosen primary colour is blue, further instilling our marine assurance connections.

Along with our new visual identity, the new MIS website provides detailed information about our background, capabilities, services, products and customers. Our News page will now offer readers regular updates on our latest projects and successes. As well as offering a host of information, the new website provides clear communications channels for those who wish to receive further details about the specialist bespoke software.

“MIS has expanded significantly in recent years, securing substantial contracts, which have strengthened our position as a leading provider of global Marine Assurance software” said Dominic McKnight Hardy, Managing Director of MIS.

“Our new brand and identity allows us to reflect our achievements to date; reinforcing our core values and preparing our company for future growth.”

About MIS

MIS specialise in marine vetting software. The growing team of software engineers, database analysts, testers and interface designers have extensive industry knowledge and experience, working with clients to achieve their objectives and work towards a common goal of improving marine safety.

For further details about MIS and our products and services, please contact: info@mismarine.com.