Woodside Energy Ltd

We are pleased to announce that Woodside Energy Ltd is the latest company to engage with MIS in the provision of a MIS Marine Assurance Vetting System.

The new intelligent Marine Assurance Vetting System will allow Woodside Energy Ltd to make confident marine assurance decisions, helping to safeguard a smooth global operation and the safe passage of vessels, cargo and crew

Selecting a Marine Assurance Vetting System provider who appreciated our company interests and values was a primary need for Woodside Energy Ltd”, explained Zubin Bhada, Woodside Energy Ltd‘s Marine Assurance Manager, “after speaking with MIS, it was clear that we shared a goal of not only improving the performance and efficiency for our individual companies, but also made improvements to the marine assurance process to step up vessel operational safety and reduce marine risk, which reflects on industrywide best practices for marine assurance”

Dominic McKnight Hardy, Managing Director of MIS, spoke confidently of the partnership, stating: “It’s always a delight to work with a company which shares our value of marine safety. Given Woodside Energy Ltd’s reputation for their high industry standards, I believe the new MIS Marine Assurance Vetting System will yet again help to raise the bar for marine safety processes.”

About Woodside Energy Ltd

With headquarters in Perth, Australia, Woodside Energy Ltd is the largest operator of oil and gas production in Australia and is also Australia’s largest independent dedicated oil and gas company.

Renowned for their strong safety and environmental performance in all locations in which they are active, Woodside Energy Ltd is committed to upholding their values of integrity, respect and working sustainably.

About MIS

Marine Information Solutions (MIS) is a UK based software development business with a focus upon the needs of the marine assurance operations of companies involved in the worldwide shipment of oil, chemicals and gas.

As marine vetting software specialists, our growing team of software engineers, database analysts, testers and interface designers have extensive industry knowledge and experience, working with our clients to achieve their objectives and work towards a common goal of improving marine safety.

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