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The shipping world is now seeing increasing quantities of data being collected across the maritime industry, and a focus is now settling on how to analyse this data for the benefit of all involved.

To fully understand the current situation and the need for such technology in the industry, MIS’ Business Analyst, Richard Woolven, attended the European Marine Intelligence Conference in Hamburg in May.

Throughout the day, sessions covered a wide range of topics, however it was clear that a distinct focus was placed on how shipping can benefit from the increasingly complex systems and monitoring being installed on vessels, and the insights this data can provide.

AI – Artificial Intelligence – options were also explored. AI has the ability to allow ships to identify abnormal patterns in their own sensor data, and work with other systems and applications to highlight, in real-time, the current risk factors and the “safety-envelope” a vessel is operating in.

Asked about the conference, Richard said: “‘Shipping, and operators in particular, are facing a difficult time financially. It’s clear from many of the discussions that, while these systems are still in their infancy, their potential impact in reducing the risk of both accidents and breakdowns is significant, bringing both financial and operational benefits to all parties – from operators to charterers and even classification societies and the OEMs themselves”.

It’s clear that shipping has now reached the age of Big Data. And with the right analysis, this data has the potential to provide operators with the ability to gain a clear competitive edge in their industry, while helping to make the seas a safer place to do business. But just how big can this Big Data be? As seen across multiple industries, the possibilities are endless, and Data Science will now play its part in turning this Big Data into intelligent analytics. The insights it could provide has the potential to transform the future of the shipping industry.

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